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Accessibility Consultation

We do a complete assessment of your space, either residential or commercial, to determine your “Accessibility Needs’’. We present to you our findings, make our suggestions, and give you a complete consultation report, so that you can decide what you would like to do. We are here to help you make the right decisions,
because it is “a place for all”


Existing Site Ratings

This rating is much more in depth and is done primarily to rate commercial spaces. Like an “Accessibility Consultation Assessment”, we do a thorough report on the present condition of your site, we make our recommendations and if needed, we can provide proper services to make those necessary upgrades and changes.The decision is up to you. We are here to help, and it is “a place for all”


Pre-Construction Ratings

In Pre-Construction, we meet with owners, architects, designers and make our accessibility recommendations, according to the current building codes. We perform an assessment, based on the drawings provided, we interview everyone involved with the construction project and submit a through and complete report. We are here to help you achieve your goals, because after all, this is “a place for all”.


Mission Statement

We are committed to our clients and will strive to provide them with excellent service every step of the way. We will do our very best to fulfill all your needs and to meet all your expectations.
Let’s work together for everyone and make a difference because, this is “a place for all”


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From Happy Customers

They helped us help to make the right decisions and we are so thankful.

Mary and JohnNorth Vancouver, BC

They showed us how to achieve our goals and helped us so much. Thank you.

Alice and BenVancouver, BC

Being alone is not easy, but they helped me to have the devices I needed. What a big help.

RonCoquitlam, BC

Bringing it all together

Our goals and commitment

I was involved in design and renovations for 30 years before I moved out to British Columbia to be close to my growing family.
We are starting a new business now and we are so exited to provide you with all the things you need to have a more inclusive life.
As we develop this new venture, we are mainly interested in these two things; that is to provide our clients with skilled workmanship and excellent service.
We stand behind all that we do and we will fulfill all your expectations.
This is more than a goal for us, it’s our commitment to you.
Let’s be honest with ourselves, in these difficult times, we all need to be there for each other, in all situations, no matter what.
So let’s reach out to one and other; to our friends, our neighbors and our colleagues.
Let’s make a difference in everyone’s lives!
As I have said so many times, we are here to help each other, because it is
“a place for all”.


Meet The Owner

Rick Hansen Foundation Accessibility Certification tm.

Alfred Rochon

Founder, Owner, Accessible Places Forum.

Alfred Rochon

Founder, Owner, Accessible Places Forum.

Welcome to: ” Accessible Places “

On July 7, 2016, I had a stroke, and for me, it has been an exceptionally long road to follow. The result is this; I have become stronger than I could ever have imagined.
With this change in my life, I am anxious to help others to have a more inclusive life.
If you have a similar story, I would like to help you too!

I just finished a course with The Rick Hansen Foundation and The Athabasca University. I am an Accessibility Assessor, passed the CSA Group examination and have been certified.
As a result, I am part of the group of RHFAC Professionals, listed on their directory and able to rate your Space. Please follow this link to see the directory.
With my 30 years experience in construction and design, I can help you analyze your Space for Accessibility and help you meet your goals.
If you want, we can do an assessment for your home, your office, or your place of business. Just let us know, we are here to help.
After all this is “a place for all".

Better Business Bureau Accredited Business.


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